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How To: Network in Law School

It’s time to delve into the art of networking- one of the most powerful career-building tools that can be practiced and developed whilst in law school.

What is networking you may be asking yourself? Networking is all about forming career-relevant relationships with peers, mentors and potential colleagues in the workforce that can help you progress into the job or position you want to be in.

It is important to form networks with the people around you in law school from early on that way when you’re ready to find work you have connections to people who can help you in this field. Whether it be a friend from one of your law classes, a university mentor, a staff member, or a professional in the industry, establishing connections with people is important to becoming a well-rounded law student. Forming networks means there will be people in your corner to vouch for you or provide you advice on your next career relevant steps.

Think about it, applying for a leadership position or a job is bound to attract a wide range of applicants. Sometimes a recommendation from an industry-relevant connection may just be the thing you need!

So, you might be asking yourself, how exactly do I go about networking?

ARS recommends the following three tips on making a start on networking in law school;

1. Build connections with people apart of your everyday routine

Sometimes I simple message to a classmate, or a catchup over coffee with a mentor could be the one thing you need to start engaging with people entering into the law industry. Not only can academic staff provide valuable insights into law school, but so can your own peers who are experiencing the same highlights and challenges of law school as you are- and who knows where these peers might end up post-graduation!

2. Build your on-campus involvement

Getting involved in on-campus initiatives is a great way to make friends and develop credible skills for your CV! There are heaps of ways to get involved on campus for example through joining the LSS, attending panels, taking up leadership roles and much more!

3. Build your online presence

Building an online network is a great way to maintain your connections and show them off to potential employers! Creating a linkedin profile is beneficial to showing off your skills and knowledge from law school and an easy way to add or keep in touch with peers or potential employers in a professional manner. Follow relevant pages and don’t be afraid to message or engage with others. Using linkedin is also a great way to find your first internship or job relevant to your law degree!

Networking is a skill that you can never start to develop too early! Go ahead and try out these three useful tips to start building and maintaining industry relevant connections!

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