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Transferring to Law Mid-Year

I originally started my university studies through Monash’s Bachelor of Arts, wanting to transfer into Law. During my first semester, I spent weeks stressing over my assignment grades, exam results and my WAM, in hopes of getting a high enough mark to make the cut into law and meet the transfer entry requirements. I placed high amounts of pressure on myself, making it a goal to prove to myself that I could study law.

The transferring process was relatively simple; an online form to be submitted by a certain deadline, with one question to explain why I sought a place in law. By the winter holiday period, I received the email – I had made it. Making it into law is a difficult and often emotional process so congratulate yourself on this veritable success. The transfer was indeed a stressful experience, filled with copious amounts of uncertainty. However, having made it through, further challenges followed. So, here is some advice to help make this shift a little less complex.

The mid-year transfer demonstrated the importance of organisation, keeping well on top of due dates and deadlines, and proactively seeking to engage with other students. I joined various Facebook pages, read through the LSS website, and formed relationships with my peers both in class and on social media platforms. I strongly recommend other mid-year transfer students to reach out and form connections. Start conversations, join group chats, follow social media pages, be eager and early.

If you’re like me, and are transferring into a double degree, I also recommend planning out your potential unit options. Look through the Monash handbooks, read through the unit information, assessments and see what areas of study interest you most. There may be units you have previously taken that are unable to have the credit points transferred across, so planning ahead will help you map out the future of your study at Monash, and assist you in making the most out of this profound opportunity. That being said, don’t lock yourself into one path. Explore some options, develop some avenues and witness the benefits first-hand in the future, come unit enrolment period.

Take a look at the Monash Law Course Progression Maps to better understand the various trajectories of your study over the next few years.

Transferring mid-year may seem daunting. Your grades will need to meet a threshold; your high school friends may be a semester - if not more - ahead; you will need to be task-focused and goal-oriented. As I’ve learnt in my first year of university, transferring into your dream course is not an easy path. It’s emotional, it’s uncertain, but above all else, it is possible. To everyone thinking of taking this leap of faith, the three things to take away when transferring into law are; be organised, be ready and be open to new connections. Good luck!

Written by Maggie Shannon

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