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We Asked How Law Students Deal With Stress. Here's What They Said.

As a 4th year, I've had about eight semesters to figure out how to handle stress during exam time. Yet, for some reason I still make the same mistake of leaving all my revision to the last minute, and then flip-flop between nonchalance and angsty crying.

If you're not feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of content you have to get through in such a short week, then you're a much better student than I am. But for the rest of us who may need some ideas on how to deal with all the low-key panicking, we asked a bunch of law students how they cope during the exam period.

Some get organised and pull out the planners

"I like to break down the work I have to do, make to do lists and set achievable goals every day so I don’t feel too overwhelmed" - Elsie, 4th Year

"I deal with exam stress by having a detailed revision plan. By doing that, all of the workload can be visualised in the schedule and it stops me from overestimating or underestimating the pressure I could potentially be facing when preparing for the exams."- Dave, 3rd year 

"I write down all the tasks I have to do, (using the important and urgent way of categorising if easier) and then schedule out my day/week. It helps me realise my tasks aren't as insurmountable as it seems. I also schedule in a good amount of exercise and recreation to get my mind working creatively in a non study way"- Aashritha, 4th Year

"I make a daily study timetable to make sure I keep on top of my exam revision. I also think its important to maintain the balance between study and still doing the things you enjoy from day to day. "- Georgia, 4th Year

"I make sure my working environment, whether it's my room or my study, is clean and tidy. There is so much research about having a clean working environment and how it can declutter your mind and make you feel so much better and more relaxed."- Sam, 4th Year

"I try to have a study plan and stick to it. Do past year papers with friends and review the content together as it is makes studying less burdensome. It is also important to get sufficient sleep"- Priya, 3rd Year 

"I do what I find easiest first - for example, the easiest questions first - and get into the rhythm of doing work which encourages me to get into study" -Sarah, 2nd Year

Others like to burn off their anxiety and the calories from stress eating

"I make sure I prioritise exercise and getting outdoors! Going for a run or a walk after a big day of study is the best remedy for me!"- Liz, 4th Year 

"Even during the stressful exam period, it is important to always remember balance. Sometimes exercising or going out with friends can lead me to study better and have better concentration"- Dian, 2nd Year 

“Don’t forget to get some daily exercise, it helps with the stress” - Bahe, 2nd year

"I like to meal prep before SWOTVAC! That way I don’t have to worry so much about making lunch or dinner throughout the week"- Jane, 5th Year

“My tip would be to make sure you exercise - it can give you more energy and make you study more efficiently and also definitely don't do it alone - it is best to share the pain!” - Harry, 5th Year

"When the stress gets really bad, my sisters and I blast some music and have a 5 minute dancing sesh"- Anon 

"Exercising- even if you don't think you have the time. I always find time to get out and release some endorphins. It allows me to focus so much more when I'm working"- Sam, 4th Year

Many love to foster inner peace

"Meditation is HUGE. I value it so much. Even just 5-10 minutes of mindfulness meditation makes me feel so much more relaxed and focused and stress-free."- Sam, 4th Year

"If I start to feel anxious, I do breathing exercises" - Jane, 5th year

"I have a creative outlet such as playing guitar and singing "- Carol, 4th Year

"I schedule out (whether it be in a calendar or diary) some down time! Whether it be to do yoga, read a book or go for dinner with friends. Scheduling downtime allows me to look forward to something when I'm studying and helps maintain a healthy balance” -Francesca 4th Year

"I deal with stress by meditating because it helps me to be at ease with my thoughts. Guided meditation apps are really helpful for starting out" -Wayne, 4th Year 

"Whenever I get too stressed, I put everything down, go outside and take a walk. Just soaking up all the things that are going on around me really lends perspective and makes me remember that these exams are only a small part of my life. Whether it's the wind blowing through the trees or watching a dog run around, it really does wonders for my perspective"- Leo, 4th Year

"I remind myself that whatever happens, my grades don't define my worth. You are so much more than an arbitrary number out of 100. Just do your best and that'll always be enough"- Christian, 3rd Year

Others remember to maintain a busy social calendar

"I make sure to schedule time to catch up with friends over a nice brunch or go shopping and not feel guilty about having a break"- Georgia, 4th Year

"I love blocking out time to spend with friends who keep me grounded and are fun to be around. I always leave in a good mood and energised to tackle my studies"- Ash, 4th Year 

And some just like to keep it real

"I just remember that everybody has to go through the same shit "- Tommy, 4th year 

By Ashley Chow (Co-founder)

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